V27 BSZs ,VA3(Ire) VA1(uk sieger) Balko vom Gleisenauer Schloß,  Sch h3 kkl1, LBZ , 2CC's

VA1 (USA & CAN) Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloß X V Perle vom Naturpark-Altmühltal B:VA2 (IRL), ZW: 92  WT: 11.06.2004, SZ-Nr.2146187Hips  Fast A stamp Normal, Elbows  Normal, DNA

BALKO's Koerung:

Large one, strong, very strong head, very beautiful expression,

remarkably strong, expressive stud type building body structure.

Very good building harmony, very beautiful line, proportioned brisket.

masculine structure firmness, correct front, pronounced withers,

correctly stored, sufficient long croup.

Very well angulated in the forehand and hind angulation, particularly

free, vital gait with strong hind thrust. UCB pronouncedly; read off.



Below some photos of Balko in training at Bolton Schutzhund Club and various other photos.

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balko at bolton schutzhund club (3)
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balko at bolton schutzhund club (4)
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"Without doubt a true gsd,with great presence dignity and spirit.

Balko will be remembered forever as a great ambassador of our magnificent breed. He touched the hearts of all lucky enough to have meet him, both here and his native Germany. Brought here to the uk in April 2009 he achieved the highest uk honour of British Seiger. But it was his fantastic temperament and gentle nature that won him many admirers. His legacy will live on long through his superb progeny,spanning all corners of the world. He will be sadly missed


Goodbye and god bless Balko and thanks for the wonderful time and memories, you where a truly special dog


Love mum and dad"